Career woman and mayoral candidate Caroline Sheppard (Amanda Langille) is determined to find her family's stolen dog, Dinah. Given a lead by an animal welfare activist, Caroline risks her safety and reputation and alienates her family as she searches for Dinah in the underground hell of puppy breeding mills and research laboratories. But when she confronts a brutal dog-fighting ring her courage inspires her family to reunite and help her rescue their pet. 

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Wildlife in Ottawa & Deer in BC

Published on September 21, 2012 in Blog

Two updates we needed to circulate:

1)  Please sign the petition to protect Ottawa’s wildlife:

Dear Friend of Wildlife

Unless there is a strong message sent to Ottawa’s Mayor via this Petition, there will be more despicable actions taken against wildlife like ‘Lily’, Ottawa’s famous beaver. She is shown here trying to protect her two small kits when they were forced on shore after the City destroyed their lodge, leaving them homeless.

Supporting this Petition will be one of the most important actions you can take in determining the future for wildlife.  Not only in Ottawa but, as the Nation’s Capital, ill-informed and brutal wildlife policies here will set a bad precedent for other cities.

Wildlife organizations like ours urged the City of Ottawa to adopt a progressive Wildlife Strategy. Now, after two and a half years, our organizations have resigned in frustration because the proposed Strategy will result in an even more negative climate for wildlife in the Nation’s Capital. If approved, it will mean the on-going trapping and killing of beavers throughout the city and the labelling of urban wildlife as ‘nuisances’, including options for killing them.

So, please sign the Petition by clicking onto the image of ‘Lily’ below. And, forward it to your family, friends and colleagues, asking for their support. Wildlife are counting on our voice.

Donna DuBreuil,
Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre

2) Please keep-up-date about the human / deer conflict issue in BC by reading the following article: Cities to discuss urban deer issue

For those who are just joining us, Animal Alliance has been working for some time now on human / deer conflict in BC.  If you’d like to read more about the campaigns, please visit these two pages:

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