Career woman and mayoral candidate Caroline Sheppard (Amanda Langille) is determined to find her family's stolen dog, Dinah. Given a lead by an animal welfare activist, Caroline risks her safety and reputation and alienates her family as she searches for Dinah in the underground hell of puppy breeding mills and research laboratories. But when she confronts a brutal dog-fighting ring her courage inspires her family to reunite and help her rescue their pet. 

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We Will Not Turn Our Backs on the Injured or Sick

Published on July 9, 2013 in Blog


Broken legs, arthritis, sickness.  These as some of the health care challenges that unwanted dogs face.  Left on their own, their lives become ones of desperate survival and misery.  But now, thanks to the loving commitment of the volunteers at Bright Eyes Dog Rescue (BEDR), a non-profit rescue organization in Regina, Saskatchewan, these dogs have a second chance at life.

BEDR rescues the most in need dogs from some of the worst situations imaginable – dogs who are abandoned, homeless, or come from uncaring, troubled homes, where they are neglected or abused.  Many of the dogs BEDR takes in are from reserves in northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  Some come from as far away as Guatemala and Thailand.   And some arrive just in time from high kill shelters in the United States.

What all these dogs have in common is that they are loving, gentle and kind spirited canines, who are so grateful to receive love and care, some, perhaps, for the first time in their lives.

It’s what makes Bright Eyes Dog Rescue so unique. “We will not turn our backs on dogs who, through no fault of their own, are suffering with injuries or health problems,” says Jamie Parker, the rescue’s founder.

With the help of dedicated volunteer foster families, BEDR dogs are well-cared for, nursed back to health, fed, walked, trained and loved until they find dedicated, permanent families.

BEDR works closely with two veterinary clinics in town to make sure its foster dogs receive the best health care possible, tailored to their needs.

“Some of these dogs require daily medication and will need to have their special needs veterinary care continued,” says Jamie.  “But we hope caring families will recognize, as we do, that these dogs are the most deserving of love and care.”

BEDR looks for exceptional, loving, caring andcommitted families, who will open their arms and their homes to dogswho are desperate for affection and attention.  And, of course, these dogs are so appreciative; they make devoted, faithful companions and family members.

All BEDR dogs are spayed or neutered. (For families adopting puppies who are too young to spay or neuter yet, BEDR requires a spay/neuter deposit which they will refund upon verification that the spay or neuter has been completed by a vet.)

BEDR is currently on the lookout for a special individual ora family that will open their hearts and home to a dog with special needs named Betty Lou.


Betty Lou is a stunningly beautiful, three-year-old, Collie and Shepherd Mix with sparkling, intelligent eyes, and a sweet and gentle nature.

When she came to BEDR, the tendons in her back legs were not working properly.  Betty Lou’s foster mom took her to a vet to repair her tendons and now keeps her back legs strong with underwater therapy and daily exercises.

Betty Lou is also being treated for hypothyroidism, a condition that requires daily medication, routine blood work and monitoring of thyroid levels and incontinence, also well-controlled with daily medication.

She also has a slightly enlarged esophagus (“megaesophagus”) which means her adoptive parent(s) will need to monitor her during meals to ensure she does not aspirate her food.

Though Betty Lou has special needs, if you met her, you’d never know. She is a happy dog with an endearing enthusiasm and zest for life and an effervescent spirit.  She has a big heart and loves everyone, including cats and other dogs once she gets to know them.  She adores going to the park, playing fetch,is great with older children, is house trained, crate trained and is able to stay alone loose at home. There is no dog more deserving of a loving, forever home.

For more information, email or call Bright Eyes today
at or 306-209-0357

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