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Vote for Tuxedo Stan!

Published on March 19, 2013 in Blog

Tuxedo Party Leader, Tuxedo Stan, is making fur fly
among complacent Nova Scotia politicians.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed cats can change the world.”

(apologies to Margaret Mead)

Three-year-old Tuxedo Stan threw his tail into the political ring in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this past fall, during the run up to the city’s mayoral election.  While his name wasn’t actually on the ballot, due to the lamentable fact that he would have needed a human birth certificate in order to run for office, Tuxedo Stan remained undeterred and campaigned on the platform of cat overpopulation.

Tuxedo Stan’s campaign slogan, “Because neglect isn’t working,” refers to the lack of attention Halifax’s real politicians had given to the explosion of stray and homeless cats.  The attention he received from the likes of Anderson Cooper, Ellen DeGeneres and Canada’s own Lisa LaFlamme brought much needed public awareness to the four-legged suffering that exists on the streets and back alleyways of Halifax and the need for the public to spay and neuter their cat companions.

Not only has Tuxedo Stan brought attention to the issue of stray and homeless cats in Halifax, he also has rallied a team of supporters, minions and Facebook friends who are taking his message around the globe.

To tell you more about his life as a politician, here’s Tuxedo Stan:

Hello Loyal Fans! For those of you who haven’t seen me on Anderson Cooper 360 or CTV’s National News with Lisa LaFlamme, I’m the leader of The Tuxedo Party of Canada. I’m handsome, witty and I come with my own tuxedo. I have but a single platform (beside the one I sit on outdoors) and that is to improve the welfare of homeless, abandoned and suffering cats in Halifax Regional Municipality.

tuxstanLike all great leaders, I come from humble beginnings. My mom was abandoned and living by her wits on the streets of Halifax, Nova Scotia. She was pregnant with me and my three brothers when she was rescued and taken to a veterinary hospital. We were born three weeks later. That’s me, right in front.

So, how exactly did I get started you might ask. Well, when I was eight weeks old me and my brother Earl moved to Catopia. There were already three other cats, two dogs, two guinea pigs and a bunch of fish so I learned some valuable diplomatic skills pretty early on. (Although, I must say, when a dog walks by with poop on his breath, that is just downright disgusting. I cannot abide poor personal hygiene.)

Anyway, my new mom is a writer and I started blogging to promote her book “Urban Tigers – Tales of a Cat Vet”. People really liked me and what I had to say so I decided to really sink my teeth into the whole social media scene. Even more people liked me and what I had to say. People I didn’t even know started coming up to me and saying, “Stan! You should be mayor!”

So, after careful deliberation and some catnip, I thought, “Why not?” I mean, we cats are natural born politicians. Show me a cat who can’t get what he wants with a silent meow, or a well-placed rear end view and I’ll show you a dullard. And there are role models. Look at Hank who’s running for the US senate or that old guy Stubbs up in Alaska. He’s been mayor for fifteen years!

Personally, I think more cats would get involved in politics if it weren’t for the whole opposable thumb issue. The humans got the better end of that deal.

All I’m saying is that politics is about reaching the people, making them care enough about something to want change. If a little tuxedo cat from Nova Scotia can make the world smile and give them hope that together we can make a difference, then it’s a good day.

Tuxedo Stanley for Mayor!!! (Ellen DeGeneres, if you are reading this, I would love to be on your show. I know you like me because I heard you say you would vote for me.)





PS – You can help me spread the word by purchasing Stan Stuff from our stores. All profits go to SpayDay HRM, a registered not-for-profit society whose goal is to assist students and low-income families with spaying and neutering.

To learn more about Tuxedo Stan and his political party, the Tuxedo Party, visit:

To follow Tuxedo Stan’s world tour, visit:

To buy a lot of cool Stan Stuff, visit the Stan Store:

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Tuxedo Stan’s Minions are currently on their world tour spreading his message of hope and compassion for felines around the globe. We call them “Ambavatars” (ambassador + avatar).  Do you have an Ambavatar photo you would like to submit? Email it to us at


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