Career woman and mayoral candidate Caroline Sheppard (Amanda Langille) is determined to find her family's stolen dog, Dinah. Given a lead by an animal welfare activist, Caroline risks her safety and reputation and alienates her family as she searches for Dinah in the underground hell of puppy breeding mills and research laboratories. But when she confronts a brutal dog-fighting ring her courage inspires her family to reunite and help her rescue their pet. 

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Interview with Paul Saunders

Published on August 2, 2012 by in Blog

Interview with Paul Saunders

We have been very fortunate to have as a member of our cast, theatre and film veteran, Paul Saunders, who plays George, Carolyn’s father, in Saving Dinah.

KAREN: Paul, why did you audtion for Saving Dinah?

PAUL: I auditioned for this film because my dear friend Reese Brunelle gave me the script to read and it moved me.

KAREN: Animal Alliance is partnering with the Whitby Courthouse Theatre in producing Saving Dinah.  Did you know anything about our organization or animal protection in general?

PAUL: I did know about Animal Alliance of Canada because Reese had told me about it.  I was involved with an organization in Los Angeles called Pups and Pals, a  non-profit volunter organization that focuses on rescuing dogs from pounds and placing them into appropriate homes.

KAREN: What is it about the character, George, that you identify with?

PAUL: I like the role of George because of his  strange, offbeat, and quirky persona, I can relate to him.

KAREN: Do you have any companion animals?

PAUL: I have no pets as I travel a great deal, although my wife and I continuously  discuss having a pet dog.

KAREN: Have you had any experiences with a dog that made a difference in your life?

PAUL: I had a dog as a young man for 11 years, a husky shepherd cross. I loved him and still dream about him though it’s many years later.

KAREN:  Could you tell me something about your performance background?

PAUL: I have a very diverse theatrical, musical, film and TV background.  I’ve been in the business for thirty years, on both sides of the camera.  I’ve produced and directed and am a founding member and leader of The History of Rock & Roll starring Pauly and the Goodfellas for the last 20 years.  You can visit my  web site at

KAREN: Thanks Paul.  For those who don’t know about Pauly and the Goodfellas, it has been touted by the Toronto Sun as “definitive rock and roll”, and by music legend, Barry White, as truly amazing.


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