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Send a Holiday Greeting to Diesel, who is on Death Row in BC

Published on December 12, 2012 in Blog

Diesel is on death row
at the Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO) dog compound.

He has been incarcerated at the pound since March 11, 2011, while caught in legal wranglings between the RDCO and his human companion, Dave Smith.  Offers to foster Diesel in the interim have been turned down. The dog still remains in custody and upcoming court proceedings will decide his fate.

We invite you to send a message of peace and hope to Diesel (via the RDCO) this holiday season, a message conveying your concern that the RDCO should drop its order that Diesel be destroyed. Diesel is now approximately 7 years old. An animal should never have to remain in confinement for months on end while the legal system flounders.

In Diesel’s case, his wrongdoing has not even been proven.  Diesel allegedly attacked a Shar-Pei dog, but when that case went to trial, the Bylaw officer failed to come to court. The case was dismissed for lack of evidence.

A qualified trainer who assessed Diesel feels that the dog is not aggressive. The judge who issued a preliminary death sentence in August relied on the District’s dog behaviour expert, as well as the bylaw officer’s opinion, while rejecting the evidence of Dave Smith’s dog expert. The judge willingly listened to the District’s 9 witnesses and their own dog expert.  In order to save court time, only two of Mr. Smith’s witnesses and the dog expert were permitted to be present. Furthermore, the District had a lawyer while Mr. Smith represented himself. Something is very wrong with this picture.

In the meantime, Diesel continues to languish in prison while a death sentence hangs over his head.  

Please consider sending Diesel your thoughts about his plight, along with your fervent wish for his safety throughout this season of “peace” and into the new year.  The RDCO needs to drop their case against him and do the right thing by releasing Diesel from prison and into a caring home.  Further, the district needs to end its persecution of all animals who cannot speak to defend themselves.

To send a holiday greeting to Diesel:

Diesel, c/o Mr. Robert Hobson, Chair
Regional District of Central Okanagan
1450 KLO Road
Kelowna, B.C.  V1W 3Z4

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