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Pound Rescue, another amazing group in Alberta!

Published on January 31, 2013 in Blog

There is no shortage of great stuff happening for the animals!  Just check out another great group in Alberta, Pound Rescue, helping lost animals be reuinted with their families and abandoned animals find new loving homes.  Pound Rescue is an all-volunteer run organization, working with various communities and other rescue groups.

cat-clinic-2-150x150Like other groups and individuals, Pound Rescue is also addressing the issue of feral cats.  When we contacted Pound Rescue, Exective Director, R.J Bailout reported “We are doing another large round up next weekend of 40 cats on a property, we hope ot have them all captured over night and TNR over two days”.

For anyone who has been involved with feral cats, this is a typical scene:

On Sept. 19, 20, 21, 2011, Pound Rescue collaborated with AARCS (who we wrote about on Monday) & the Meow Foundation (who we’ll write about next week) in a compassionate trap, neuter & release project for nearly 60 cats on an acreage.

Through abandonment and recent litters, there was a population of cats that was almost 90% female. The numbers were escalating at an alarming rate and together the groups realised that if we didn’t provide  help quickly, the 60 cats would turn into 300 cats!

Within no time at all, traps were gathered from every corner of the city, kennels stacked to the ceiling in many volunteer vehicles and we were off! Multiple trips were made back and forth to humanely capture all of the roaming cats and to ensure that everyone was treated and spayed/neutered. Each cat was vaccinated, dewormed, tattooed and surgically altered.  The population is now stabilized through our humane program and they can now live out their lives as happy, community feral cats.  The people who dwell on the acreage with the cats have been looking after them for years and will continue to do so.  The cats have shelters and are provided with food and water daily, as well as given veterinary care if they become injured or ill.

We love this kind of community collaboration!  Congrats to Pound Rescue, AARCS and the Meow Foundation for a job well done!  And good luck with your trapping this weekend!

Pound Rescue can only continue to do projects like this with your support!  Donations toward their spay & neuter program can be made through Canada Helps.

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