Career woman and mayoral candidate Caroline Sheppard (Amanda Langille) is determined to find her family's stolen dog, Dinah. Given a lead by an animal welfare activist, Caroline risks her safety and reputation and alienates her family as she searches for Dinah in the underground hell of puppy breeding mills and research laboratories. But when she confronts a brutal dog-fighting ring her courage inspires her family to reunite and help her rescue their pet. 

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From the time human speech first evolved 50,000 years ago—when the family band huddled around a nighttime fire to hear an elder weave tales of spirits, war, and hunting—to the multi-media cacophony of our own day, the most effective storytelling tool in all of human history remains the motion picture. Movies.

The houselights dim around us, then the screen flashes into light, revealing people and their stories. We are borne into a brave new land bordered only by the moviemakers’ imaginations. We laugh. We fear. We lust. We cry. We recoil. We care. No other medium can match the persuasive power of a movie in a theatre, because no other medium – not the spoken word, the written word, the theatre, radio, nor television – can evoke emotion so deeply.

More importantly, a movie, even while entertaining us (perhaps especially while entertaining us) can profoundly change how we perceive the challenging issues of our time. The list of movies that have transformed social perceptions includes Bambi (sport hunting), Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (interracial marriage), Coming Home (Vietnam veterans), Philadelphia (AIDS), Free Willy (captive marine mammals), Erin Brockovich (corporate polluters), Good Night, and Good Luck (political abuse of power), North Country (discrimination of women), and An Inconvenient Truth (climate change).

Saving Dinah is inspired by movies that profoundly influence people. Saving Dinah will explain and elevate the issues of companion animals—pound seizure, irresponsible pet ownership, and animal cruelty.

It also aspires to move to action people who love animals, but have not yet become involved in protecting them. Such action on the part of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people, can compel politicians to pass and enforce the laws needed to protect the companion animals who share our communities and homes – laws to alleviate the unspeakable cruelty suffered by so many innocent animals.

The producers of Saving Dinah hope you’ll join them in making common cause with animal welfare organizations around the globe to help raise public awareness of these issues, and thus make our world a better place not only for us, but also the creatures with whom we share it.