Career woman and mayoral candidate Caroline Sheppard (Amanda Langille) is determined to find her family's stolen dog, Dinah. Given a lead by an animal welfare activist, Caroline risks her safety and reputation and alienates her family as she searches for Dinah in the underground hell of puppy breeding mills and research laboratories. But when she confronts a brutal dog-fighting ring her courage inspires her family to reunite and help her rescue their pet. 

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Farm Sanctuaries Make Our Rescue Work Possible

Published on January 18, 2013 in Blog

Animal Alliance is not usually in the position to rescue farm animals.  With over half a billion animals killed every year in Canada, rescue simply isn’t a feasible solution.

About one year ago, while wrapping up some rescue work with beagles from the University of Guelph, we were tasked with taking in 32 sheep who would otherwise have been sent to auction by the University.

With the help of a number of farm sanctuaries, and one in particular, our rescue and rehoming of the 32 sheep (and an unexpected additional 9 cows) was made possible.

Thanks to Siobhan Poole, from Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary, we were able to ensure these animals were given a chance at a good life, one free from the grisly end in a slaughterhouse.

And thanks to Wishing Well Sanctuary, all 9 cows are enjoying a little slice of heaven.

Educating others about the intrinsic value of these animals, no different from the intrinsic value of our companion cats and dogs, is one of Animal Alliance’s core values.  Want to help animals?  Stop eating them – it’s that simple.

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