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Battleford’s Humane Society

Published on June 6, 2013 in Blog

Education, Awareness and Consideration: The Things Needed When Adopting A Dog Or Cat at The Battleford Humane Society.

Battlefords Humane Society

Battleford’s Humane Society in Battleford, Saskatchewan is a lot more than just a drop off point for people who no longer want their companion dogs or cats.  Not only does the society shelter unwanted pets and provide adoptions services to families who want to make a lasting commitment to the love and care of a dog or cat, it also educates prospective families about what is required for making that lasting commitment.

“When a family considers adopting a dog or cat, they need to realize the responsibility that dog or cat requires,” says shelter coordinator, Michelle Spark.“It is a commitment for the lifetime of the animal.”  For dogs that means roughly between ten to fifteen years and for cats between fifteen to twenty years.  Such a lengthy commitment should not be taken lightly.  Visit the website at to learn more about what adopting a companion animal entails and the questions a family needs to consider before adopting.

One consideration is how much a companion animal costs during his or her lifetime.  Getting a dog can be expensive. Even if you get your dog free or for a small fee from a shelter, there are still many costs. It’s important that you go adopt a dog with as much knowledge as you can so that you are prepared.

Want to know how much a dog costs?

You should think about the size of your dog when adding up the cost of things, because the larger the dog, the higher the expense – usually.

Expenses to consider include the following:

1.  Shelter / beds

2.  Supplies (dishes, toys, grooming tools, etc.)

3.  Food

4.  Vet check-up and follow up for puppies (visit, shots, tests, etc.)

5.  Collar and Licence, which usually needs to be renewed yearly, depending on your town / municipal bylaw

6.  Visits to groomer

7.  Obedience training

8.  Yearly vet visits and maintenance

9.  Vacations / boarding / dog walking


To contact the shelter:

Battlefords Humane Society
751 – 114th Street
North Battleford, SK S9A 2M7
Phone: (306)446-2700

It is open Monday through Saturday from 12:30 to 5:30, and closed on Sunday’s.

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